Save the apples!

SaveApples1_3777-web‘Tesco estimated that, across the UK food industry, 40% of apples were wasted’ (BBC News, 21 Oct.). Here is what I do with damaged apples. Surely there are large scale solutions!


Fruit growing naturally in our gardens are of a different quality than what we buy in supermarkets, but surely there must be ways of using supermarket and food industry surplus, which are somewhat close to this:


Cut bruised parts, remove stem, cut into pieces, no need to peel the apples.


Once the apples have been cut, add a table spoon of sugar, some lemon juice, a hint of vanilla and water so that the apples don’t burn (see yesterday’s post about pears for more details).


I cooked these apples over a strong heat, adding water regularly to avoid burning and to get the consistency I wanted. It took a bit less than ten minutes for them to be ready. I am now putting them in the sieve.


Not much waste! Including some of the nutrients from the skins and cores that are now in the compote. Not sure what could be done with stored apples from an agro-industrial production, which may have been treated, to be looked into.


The compote, or should I say the puree, as it was passed though a fine sieve grid, is ready! And so tasty…

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