New background image

BackPrunes_0663-4webThumbnailI chose a picture of plums picked a year ago in a Wimbledon garden to make a background image for this blog. Here is the original photo and a quick description of the recipe I used to make jam with them.



We picked 6kg of this late-season plum variety mid October 2012 (click to enlarge photo). We shared the fruit and I made jam with these rather astringent plums.

Jam: I used 750g of sugar and the juice of half a lemon per kilo of stoned fruit. I let the plums soak into the sugar and lemon juice overnight after heating them for the sugar to melt and the juices of the plums to start and come out, and cooked the jam for 15 minutes the next morning, from boiling point. I had stoned the plums by cutting them in two and removing the stones by hand, which was not too difficult in that case.

We still have some of this jam, which we keep in the cupboard along with jams of various local plum varieties that provide different tasting experiences.

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