Save the apples! – Act 2

SaveTheApples7Nov13_3852-webI have just made a kilo of apple puree to start the process I engaged on this morning to save apples in the Southfields area and hopefully beyond.


I sent a message to the 6,700 members of the Southfields and surroundings community of neighbours. Here it is:


Save the apples!
The harvesting season is coming to an end but there is still fruit around. Let’s use it!
One kilo of apples from that tree (photo 7th Nov 2013, London SW18) eaten raw or made into an apple puree would be one kilo saved.
So if you have or can be granted access to a tree or recent windfall (apple, pear, quince…), please consider. We could tell each other, here, in response to this message, how many kilos we are saving, and add them up in a few weeks time! How does it feel?

Then I thought that the best thing to do was to start myself. So I made apple puree with apples left in the garden that were starting to rot. We have some stored in the house but why not using the outdoor ones? I added a comment on Streetlife around lunchtime:

“Ok, better to start sooner rather than later. We were given apples a few weeks ago, which we left in the garden for lack of space in the house. I have taken a kilo of them and made apple puree. We will have it for dessert tonight. So that’s one kilo saved! Who’s next?”

I hope this will give ideas to other people and that many will do the same!

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