Into 2014 – Apples and kiwis

KiwiAppleCut_4244croppedwebApples picked this morning were on today’s menu here in Southfields as well as a kiwi picked three days ago in Wimbledon. We compared it to a kiwi purchased in the trade.



Kiwi picked in Wimbledon on 2nd Jan. Apple picked today in Southfields.

The kiwis have grown since I took a picture of them for the blog banner. They are still half the size of a large kiwi bought in the UK trade and I was not sure whether the one I picked on Thursday would be ripe or even edible at all.

The apple is of the calibre of the small apples we find in bags of five or ten in UK supermarkets during the autumn.


Lovely kiwi colour, with slightly red seeds. Is it completely ripe? The inside of the apple is perfect. Click on image to enlarge.

The kiwi was as juicy as the supermarket one, firmer in texture and less sweet, actually slightly sour. Still not unpleasant, even if we would like to try an other one in a few weeks time to see if it gets better. A typical kiwi taste, would definitely make a delicious low-in-sugar kiwi jam. And there are enough of them on the tree to make a few jars…

The apple was firm, juicy and sweet. It had the delicate taste of a Golden. As surprising as it may be at this time of year, there are still twenty five of them on the tree in the nearby school. Gusty winds are blowing tonight though…

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