Fruit Day 2015

LogoAbundance8June13-Sep2015Yesterday was Abundance Wimbledon Fruit Day 2015, which marks the second anniversary of this blog. Here are their details for those who would like to join the fruit sharing initiative. 


I was not in London yesterday but thought about my fellow volunteers who continue to run the Abundance Wimbledon fruit sharing initiative and its annual Fruit Day, which we created in 2011:


Abundance Wimbledon leaflet. Click on it to zoom in.

As a London resident, I also occasionally contributed to the Urban Orchard Project, which started in the capital and is now a UK wide initiative:


Screenshot 20 September 2015.

And we, Abundance Wimbledon organizing committee, helped set up Abundance Southfields. Their harvest day 2015 is on Saturday 23 September, so if you live in the area go and visit them!


Click on the image for details of the harvest day. Screenshot 20 September 2015.

These are only three examples of the initiatives that little by little change attitudes and behaviours, turn words into acts, for a more friendly planet on which we produce, share and use resources more efficiently.

Change will not come from above, we have to act it ourselves. Please join the crowd!

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