Unexpected stars in Chaplin’s World

TheTramp_MG_6035Chaplin’s World museum, set in the Swiss house where the artist spent the last 25 years of his life, opened on 16 April in Corsier sur Vevey. To me the stars of the day were not only the movie stars, but also the fruit trees in and outside the Manoir de Ban’s park.



Le Manoir de Ban, Charlie Chaplin’s house in Corsier sur Vevey, now home to Chaplin’s World. Picture 16 April.


Picture taken from the same spot. Fruit trees in quite a bad shape just on the other side of the road.


50 meters up the road. More dead fruit trees, opposite Chaplin’s World entrance gate…


… Just in front of the eyes of the Tramp. Obviously the trees were not in that shape when Charlie Chaplin was living there. Still, puzzling.


So, to me, really, the stars were not inside Chaplin’s World on that VIP opening of the museum, on what would have been Charlie Chaplin’s 127th birthday. They were on the other side of the road, those trees that were calling for attention.


The same trees seen from Chaplin’s World the day afterwards, the date of the world premiere opening to the public. Picture 17 April.


The orchard in Le Manoir de Ban, which already existed when the Chaplins bought the property in the fifties.


New trees were planted among the older ones as part of the creation of Chaplin’s World, which “lift the veil on Chaplin’s personal and family life in Switzerland during the last 25 years of his life”, while the “Hollywood-style studio” we can see in the background “offers a fun and fascinating dive into Chaplin’s cinematographic work, and a chance to really get to know the Tramp” (chaplinsworld.com, accessed 7 May). A fantastic experience I must say, for instance to imagine Chaplin’s thoughts in his library overlooking the park and the Alps. I just hope the fruit trees outside the property are not left apart.


I wonder what Charlie Chaplin would have thought of those fruit trees on a day like this. Beauty is in the life of human beings as well as in the life of nature around them? Chaplin’s library, 17 April.

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