News: Trustee – ‘Les Croqueurs de Pommes’

I am now a board member of the French non-profit organisation LES CROQUEURS de pommes®. The association is aimed at promoting biodiversity through the identification and protection of regional fruit varieties, carried out in collaboration with various organisations in Europe.


I, the author of ‘Les Jardins d’ici’, was elected on 9 April 2017 at the Annual General Meeting of the association ‘Les Croqueurs de Pommes’. I look forward to contributing to its management, in particular its international relationships.

‘Our Association, which campaigns for the protection of the endangered regional fruit varieties, is the union of 64 local Associations, including more than 8000 members, in France and bordering countries. Its main activities are pomology (knowledge of fruit varieties) and arboriculture (pruning, grafting, orchard care).’égories-toutes-langues/290-home.html

Logo, LES CROQUEURS de pommes®

History of the association:

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