Blueberry land

BlueberryLand-IMG_6011-webWe walked in the wild garden of the Auvergne a day after the opening of the “Grand Site du Puy Mary” road, now free from snow.


Blueberries are the only fruits listed in this blog that I haven’t found in London yet. I thought I would still mention them as blueberry jam is one of my favourites.


City gardens are nice… wild nature provides an other kind of liberty. Photos 17th May 2014.


Daffodils next to a blueberry bush. Wild? Yes, absolutely wild.


Although it is quite early in the season at this altitude, there are already many flowers. Foreground: gentian shoots. The plant is used to make a bitter liquor (“liqueur de gentiane”).


It will take some time before blueberries start to grow. Some of the bushes are still under several meters of snow.


Blueberry jam jars usually don’t last for very long… Blueberries are also said to be good for sight. Photo August 2012.

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