Tree size matters

SizeMatters_MG_3690Thinking about who is going to harvest may help choose the right size of tree when planting.



We have different kinds of trees in “le jardin de Saint Simon”. Some are small enough for my father and my aunt to pick at least half of the fruit by themselves, even if both of them are now over 90.

Were the trees chosen to that aim when they were planted? I doubt it. Nevertheless, it could have been done that way. Because not only it is possible to shape a fruit tree by pruning it, but we can also choose its adult height when buying it, as experienced gardeners know.

It could be a good idea to plant fruit trees accessible to the elderly in our gardens: they would have the pleasure of picking, and when getting older ourselves, we wouldn’t regret that choice!

The following article by the UK Royal Horticultural Society, “Rootstocks for fruit” explains how tree size is controlled and provides guidance on what choice we have by type of fruit tree: apple, pear and quinces, plums, peaches, apricots, cherries…

Let’s be wise and anticipate needs!


The smaller the tree, the more feasible it is for the elderly to pick the fruit. Photo 28 September 2015, Saint Simon, Auvergne, France.


It would be difficult with this one!


It is also pleasant when you are ninety something to pick your fruit yourself. Photo: today.


And dwarf tree…


… does not mean smaller fruit! Photos 20 September 2015.

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