“Les confitures de JJ”

jam_hand_written_label_mg_0163A short post to tell about my jam jars labelling choices this year.



I intend to offer jam jars this autumn and I thought that labelling them in a personal way would add something nice to the gift.

I used water paint markers, 0.7 mm white and 0.9 to 1.3 mm color, to handwrite on the glass. The marks are easy to remove, which makes the jars reusable.

She, who named my jams “Les confitures de JJ” (JJ’s jams) with such warmth in her voice this summer, inspired me and I decided to sign the jars this way. May them bring joy wherever they go.


Yellow, red and black fruit: apricot, raspberry, blackberry and pear and lemon jams. Photo 18 September, Saint-Simon, France.

2 thoughts on ““Les confitures de JJ”

  1. Salut Eric,
    Oui, pour la famille et les amis. J’essaierai d’en mettre un ou deux pots dans mes valises lorsque je vous rendrai visite. Sinon je trouverai bien un moyen de vous en faire passer!
    A+, JJ

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