News: the Provençal garden revisited

In the last two years the garden I visited in August 2016 has flourished under its owner’s tender care. June is a great time to see apricots and peaches in this now luxuriant orchard.


The garden in august 2016. Image from our post ‘A Provençal garden three years in the making‘. Greater Marseille, France.

The garden is now five years in the making. Photo 19 June.

One of the four peach trees.

Luxuriance. The garden is also full of life, with many insects of all sorts.

I would say these big apricots are of the ‘bergeron’ variety, very juicy when ripe.

Gilbert, the garden owner, and I had a quick chat. He likes to pick ripe apricots on the ground. I smelt one, it was wonderfully fragrant.

Some varieties will ripen in the coming weeks…

… or later on. Gilbert is particularly happy with his grapes this year. His neighbours, with whom he shares the garden’s produce, will be too!

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