Bee diversity

GreengagesBee2-R0000286-webThumbnailWith so many pollinators around the old blossoming tree and a gorgeous weather, we are on our way to harvest a few kilos of deliciously sweet greengages this summer.


There are so many different species of bees in town. I already witnessed this in London, here is a sample of what we can see in the very centre of Aurillac, a 30,000 inhabitants city, 1,000/km2 population density, in the South West of  France.


In my previous article I forgot to mention that we sometimes enjoy a few greengages from this forty years old tree. We might have more of them this year.


With a better camera I would have made good pictures of the eight or nine species of insects I saw within half an hour of observation.


This bee has a black belly.


This fly is very small…


… probably more than ten times lighter than this huge bumblebee we unfortunately don’t see the full beauty of on this picture.

More bee diversity and better pictures in our 12 April post…

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