More bees

BeeBlueR0000575-web2ThumbnailHere are pictures of other pollinators, to reinforce my last post about the diversity of species that can be found in our gardens. The photos are also of better quality, even if taken with a compact camera.


The pictures were taken yesterday in a village 6 km far from Aurillac. Click on them to enlarge.


I am starting with this 4 cm striking beauty gathering on wisteria.


Following with the large bumblebee I couldn’t publish a good picture of in my last post.


The pictures below were taken on this South facing Duchess pear tree, planted before World War 2 according to my father and still very productive.


Pollen pellet in right hind leg basket.


In summer, I often see small bees like the one on the right coming in an out of their sand shelter in the garden’s paved path.

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