Eight of us

Jacques_MG_0553Simple moments. We felt it: happiness was in the garden yesterday.


As I walked in the streets of Aurillac to buy a baguette on that sunny Easter Monday morning, I met Jacques who asked me: “how did you remove the ivy from your wall?” I offered him to come with my tools, show and help to do it. I joined the group at the beginning of the afternoon during their lunch break three gardens away from mine. They had already started to freshen up their oasis of greenery.


Pouilly-Fumé was at the lunch-break menu on the workbench. Photo 6th April, Aurillac, France.


Water for a busy afternoon.


I had already removed some ivy when Jean-Louis started to set the horizontal position of the wooden deck.


Time went so fast… End-of-afternoon shades.


Jacques, waiting for Maryse to be ready. She had to come back to Lyon to facilitate a management seminar today.


We then continued, Jacques, Sophie, Pascal, myself, Magalie, Jean-Louis and their son Kevin, until the job was done.

And we achieved beyond expectations! The wooden deck only needs some screwing to be ready for the celebration of Jacques’ birthday in two weeks time.
Then we had a glass of champaign, waiting for Maryse’s call… We had such a great day.

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