Traditional British preserves

VivienLloydWebsiteHomepageThis article points to an excellent source of recipes for lovers of British tradition who wish to make jams, marmalades, chutneys, curds and cakes at home.



Vivien Lloyd’s website is a great place to find recipes of British style preserves. It includes basic principles, a few recipes and links to affordable e-books providing all her guidelines.

Her jams contain more sugar than most of the French recipes I know of, but they are easy and safe to make and keep. And by traditional British jam competition standards, they are top of the range.

British heritage enthusiasts from both sides of the Channel and beyond will also love the recipes of marmalades, chutneys, curds and some mouth-watering cakes. No more secrets on how to make the perfectly set, bright red strawberry jam that goes with scones and clotted cream in the best British tea rooms!

Image 48

Vivien Lloyd’s website homepage, screenshot 8th May. Video at the bottom of the page: mastering this raspberry and apple jam recipe would make you a serious contender to win a British local jam competition!

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