From ground to crown

StewedWindfalls_MG_3927-4Not a single part of the 30 September harvest will be wasted. Windfalls have been used from ground to crown* and turned into gold and rubies.



Step 1: pick up windfalls off the ground. Photo 30 September.


Step 2: Start the alchemy game. Remove bruises, infested and rotten parts, stems and sepals. Photos 2 October 2015, Aurillac, Auvergne, France.


Step 3: After ten to fifteen minutes of cooking, all has melted (including the nutrients from the skins of the sun-ripened fruit) and is ready for the magical transformation.


Step 4: Will the magic wand (in other words the food mill) turn the mix into gold, keeping the skins and pips away?


Gold! The healthy tasty organic fresh compote is ready. Add sugar, or not, according to taste.


Right: blackberry coulis was added… We now have gold and ruby to top off a meal with true gems. Any pâtissiers around to design the crown?

* “From ground to crown”: I played with words used as apple descriptors in the UK National Fruit Collection database search tool.


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