Back to the jungle

BackToJungle_MG_3983In contrast with « le jardin de Saint Simon », « le jardin d’Aurillac » is in poor condition, for lack of proper care. Will it stay like that ?



The weedkiller spread in the alleys in May had two negative effects : the soil is now impregnated with poisonous substances (or is it ? I don’t know what was used ) and the death of the other plants has made possible for couch grass, the plant bed invader, to proliferate. So now it is couch grass seeds all over the place.


The ivy did not dry out. Its roots must have grown in between stones instead, weakening the wall and making the plant harder to pull out.


Who wants to go to this garden and enjoy it ? Certainly not my aunt, 93. She would need short grass, a few flowers and simply feel that the place is welcoming and practical to use at her age.


Strawberry bed.


Lawn. Photos September / October 2015, Aurillac, France.

Gardeners are coming next week to carry out minimal maintenance. They will cut the grass and shoots. Will they be asked for a quote to remove the ivy from the wall ? Possibly. Even if my father’s discourse tends to suggest that he still prefers to leave things as they are. We’ll see.

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